Facilities Engineering Supervisor

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Door: Oscar Oosterhof (16-04-2014 15:17:18)

Deze vacature is verlopen maar wel representatief voor het type vacatures/projecten waarvoor ProNergy op zoek kan zijn.
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Facilities Engineering Supervisor is the focal point and leading the engineering and construction work within the operations group.
Several engineers will be reporting to the Facilities Engineering Supervisor. 
This position will act as the primary source of guidance and support to all engineering staff and project engineers regarding safe and efficient practices, project planning and project resourcing. The Facilities Engineering Supervisor works in close cooperation with his supervisory peers in the Operations group for project scopes, engineering inputs, planning and resourcing of project implementation.

•  Responsible for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE): be a visible and engaged Operations HSE leader
•  Ensure engineering and construction staff understand compliance requirements and actively monitor and track performance and ensure compliance
•  Responsible for operating procedures; understand the cliënt policies and procedures and ensure that the engineering group understands the necessary policies and procedures to conduct their job.
•  Responsible for staff; analyze and advise on staffing recommendations for current and future workload
•  Project management: provide clear scopes for engineering related project including identified key milestones, stakeholders and decision makers
•  Cost control; coordinate annual engineering opex and maintenance capital budget

Qualifications and Experience
•  Professional technical level HBO (bachelor degree)
•  10+ years of experience in an industrial environment, preferably in Oil and Gas Industry
•  5+ years of experience within Engineering & Construction projects
•  Experience in project management
•  Easy communicator on both operational and management level
•  Fluent in both English and Dutch

6-12 month a.s.a.p. 

Northern part of the Netherlands


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